If Sodom and Gomorrah was an actual place.

If Sodom and Gomorrah was to be compared to places in the world today I’d say that almost every urban place in the entire world is like Sodom and Gomorrah. Sodomy and lesbianism has become a norm in the society we’re living in. It’s almost like those who are straight are the abnormal ones. Theft…

Are people like animals?

I saw something else about the people who live in this world. People should say if something is wrong. But they say that it is right. They should be fair to each other but they are not fair.  ā€˜God will be the judge of all good people and of all bad people,ā€™ I told myself….

Something’s not right. Demons amongst us.

Everything I grew up terming as wrong is seemingly getting approved as right nowadays. My parents, religious leaders and teachers taught me how to behave and how not to behave. I grew up knowing that doing the opposite of what I had been taught is wrong. On growing up, everything I thought is right is…

Confused love

I’ve come to realize that no one really hates anybody. it’s just that some people don’t know if it’s love they are feeling. their system is confused. Some people hate themselves so they reflect their hatred for themselves on other people. why I’m I saying this? Let me give you a scenario involving two guys….